Fungi Groups

Soft, fleshy with gills underneath the cap.


Variable in shape, always with narrow, downward-projecting teeth.

Tooth Fungi

Pouch fungi (with a stalk) and truffle-like fungi (without a stalk)

Pouch/truffle-like fungi

Bolete fungi and other fleshy fungi with pores underneath the cap

Bolete fungi

Narrow, upright, often branched stalks, usually brightly coloured, resembling coral

Coral-like fungi

Spores released in brown powdery masses

Puffballs, Earthstars and Earthballs

Looking like tiny birds nest, with egg-like shapes inside

Birds Nest fungi

Small, tough, rubbery stalks on soil, black, green or yellow

Earth tongues and Jelly Babies

Large, thick, woody fungi with tiny pores underneath

Woody Bracket fungi

Thin fruiting bodies flat against wook, either smooth, with pores or short teeth

Paint splash

Tiny to large, upright cups, sometimes on a stalk

Cup fungi and morels

Tough, rubber fungi on wood, variable in shape

Jelly fungi and wood-ear

Extremely variable in shape, always with dark, foul-smelling masses of spores

Stink horns

Flat or rounded, very hard, black, purple or orange, on wood

Woody clubs, cramp balls and relatives

Thin-fleshed, tough, leathery fungi on wood

Leathery bracket fungi

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