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Fungi groups

The Simple Key page presents you with some of the major fungi groups. Clicking on these will take you to a list of Genus representing each group. Then clicking on the Genus will present you with a list of species for that Genus belonging to that group. If  you click on the Species name you will move to the NZFungi site, which will give you greater depth of data about the name, collections, literature and so forth.

Some of the species/genus can be a part of more than one group.

General information

The Google Images button  will take you to Google, giving you the results of a Google Image search for a name. Just be aware that sometimes a name may not be internationally recognised or may vary from country to country.

The feedback link on the left will take you to the general Landcare feedback form. Fill this in if you have a specific request or comment about the Fungal Guide, whether it be about the data or the site itself.

Clicking on an image will bring up a new window with a larger size of the image. To close this window you can either click on the large image or on the close button below the image. You can also click on the close window button at the top right of window.

Icons used:

   - Google link to image search for that name

   - Link to the NZFungi site for more details on a name


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