Small, blue-green cup fungi, saprobic on fallen wood which is also stained blue-green. Some species stain the infected wood internally, in others the stain is confined to the surface of the wood. Some species are characteristically associated with rotten wood, with the texture of a white rot, others are associated with wood which remains hard. Wood infected by these fungi is sometimes used for decorative purposes
The genus is highly diverse in New Zealand with 13 species, many putatively endemic.


NZFungi Entry

Chlorociboria colubrosa

Characterised by a long stalk at the base of the cup. Wood stained green internally.

Chlorociboria albohymenia

A species charcterised by the hymenium being white when fresh, bright yellow when dry. C. poutoensis is macroscopically similar.

Chlorociboria procera

Infected wood stained very dark, but stain on surface of wood only.