Unbranched thin, soft-fleshed clubs, up to about 5 cm high. Variable in colour, from white to yellow, to salmon, to dark grey. Always on the soil, either solitary or in small clumps. Clavaria zollingeri is an exception, having branching clubs, resembling Ramaria and some Ramariopsis species which need to be distinguished using microscopic features. Saprobic on soil.
Over 40 species have been reported from New Zealand.
Macrotyphula similarly has simple clubs, but here they are extremely thin (never more than 2 mm thick), and always dull, whitish to tan colours.
Several Ramariopsis species are macroscopically very similar, and can only be distinguished microscopically.


NZFungi Entry

Clavaria corallinorosacea

Clavaria plumbeoargillacea

Clavaria phoenicea var. persicina

Clavaria zollingeri

A branched species, macroscopically atypical of Clavaria.