The cap is campanulate or conical, white or grey , and silky. The gills are white turning deep pink. The stem does not have a ring, but is enclosed by a large volva at the base. Spore print pink.
Only two species are known in New Zealand. V. surrecta occurs in native forests where it fruits on old mushrooms of other species. It is rare and listed as 'nationally critical'. The second species, V. speciosa is likely to have been introduced, favours manured pastures and lawns and is sometimes found in great quantities on heavily manured arable stubbles from spray free cereals.


NZFungi Entry

Volvariella surrecta

A spectacular mushroom, only 2-4 cm across, parasitic on other, larger mushroom species. The volva at the base of the stalk, characteristic of this genus, is clearly visible.
A Critically endangered species.