Pouch fungi with a more or less globose head on a usually well-developed stalk (a few species with short stalk or the stalk almost lacking). All with rough-walled, brown spores. More than 15 species, all indigenous, possibly all endemic.
Mycorrhizal with beech and tea-tree.
The Thaxterogaster species form a phylogenetically artificial group, and are now regarded as members of the large genus Cortinarius, but they are treated under their old names in this Guide as they are such a macroscopically distinctive group.


NZFungi Entry

Thaxterogaster aurantiacus
(=Cortinarius peraurantiacus)

Thaxterogaster aurantiacus (= Cortinarius peraurantiacum), very short stalk, but well-developed internal columella.

Thaxterogaster porphyreus
(=Cortinarius porphyroideus)

Thaxterogaster porphyreus (= Cortinarius porphyreus). Common, bright purple species.