Secotioid or truffle-like Russula species. The pinkish-red Macowanites carmineus is quite common, has a well-developed stalk, and gills which remain covered by a thin, membranous veil. The shape, texture, and colours are very reminescent of Russula. M. tapawera and M. rubroluteus differ in lacking a distinct stalk. Microscopically the characteristic spores are like those of Russula.
Mycorrhizal under beech and tea-tree.
There are at least 3 species in New Zealand, all endemic.


NZFungi Entry

Macowanites carmineus
(=Russula kermesina)

Detail showing the distorted, partly covered gills.

Macowanites tapawera
(=Russula tapawera)

One of the species lacking a distinct stalk.