Small, dull brown mushrooms, found only on soil, most species with a dry, hairy or fibrillose cap, gills covered by cobweb-like veil when young, spore print dull brown in colour.
There are at least 12 species in New Zealand, including some exotic species (under pine and oak). In addition there are 12 species of the closely related genus Astrosporina, distinguished from Inocybe only by spore shape. The species are difficult to identify without examining microscopic features.
Ectomycorhizal. The native species are found only under tea-tree or Nothofagus, although there are also exotic species found under introduced trees, one pale species especially common under pine.
Small Cortinarius species have a similar stature, but usually with a smooth cap, and with rusty-brown or orange-brown spores compared the dull brown of Inocybe. Panaeolus and Psilocybe have very dark, purple-brown spores, Agrocybe usually on fallen wood and litter rather than soil.


NZFungi Entry

Inocybe umbrosa

Also native, the species has been recorded under both Nothofagus and tea-tree.

Inocybe calamistratoides

A native species found under Nothofagus.