Mushroom-like fruiting bodies with teeth rather than gills on underside, stalk often somewhat eccentric.
Ectomycorrhizal under Nothofagus and tea-tree.
Several subspecies have been described for H. crocidens which appear to be specialised with respect to substrate. Under tea-tree hosts are Hydnum crocidens var. badium (with a dark brown cap) and Hydnum crocidens var. crocidens (with a dirty-whitish cap with irregular reddish or rusty-brown patches). Under Nothofagus is Hydnum crocidens var. wellingtonii, similar in appearance to Hydnum crocidens var. crocidens, but with slightly larger spores.


NZFungi Entry

Hydnum crocidens var. crocidens

A tea-tree specialist. Detail of teeth beneath cap.

Hydnum crocidens var. badium

The dark brown species found under tea-tree