Fleshy fungi attached to the substrate directly from the side of the cap, or through a short stalk at one side of the cap, cap smooth, spore print white.
Eight species of Hohenbuehelia have been reported for New Zealand, but most are poorly understood taxonomically.
Three common superficially similar New Zealand genera share these features. Pleurotus has a soft cap with easily broken flesh. Pleurotopsis and Hohenbuehelia have a gelatinous layer beneath the surface of the cap, making the flesh difficult to break. All saprobic. Conchomyces has a similar habit, but no images are available for this genus. It is distinguished by the spore walls covered by conspicuous, conical spines.


NZFungi Entry

Hohenbuehelia podocarpinea

One of the indigenous species.

Hohenbuehelia petalodes

Probably an exotic species as it is typically found in disturbed and urban sites.