Fleshy mushrooms always on wood, cap dry, finely felty, gills covered with a veil when young, often the remains of the veil form a ring on the central stalk. Spore print rusty brown to orange. Often growing in clumps. The species are variable in size, the large G. junonoius often more than 10 cm across, while some of the less commonly seen species (not treated here) are only 1-2 cm.
Saprobic. the spectacular G. junonius often seen in large clumps on fallen wood.
The large Pholiota species are similar in habit and shape to Gymnopilus, but they differ in having a slimy, scaly cap, and a dull, cinnamon-brown spore print.


NZFungi Entry

Gymnopilus junonius

Common on fallen wood, wooden sleepers or steps, on stumps, or surrounding the base of living trees, in urban areas as well as forests.

Gymnopilus crociphyllus