Cap brown to dark brown, often with scales, usually dry. Stalk with well-developed ring with prominent striations. Spore print brown.
Always on soil, ectomycorrhizal under Nothofagus and tea-tree. There are three species in New Zealand, two of these known also from Australia. D. gunnii is commonly found under tea-tree, D. majestatica and D. phlebophora may be restricted to Nothofagus.
Descolea has the appearance of a small Rozites, but Rozites tends to have strongly glutinous caps, and Descolea dryish caps. The only certain way to distinguish the genera is to examine the microscopic structure of the cap.


NZFungi Entry

Descolea gunnii

Descolea majestatica

A large species in Nothofagus forest, with the characteristic slimy cap of this species. The macroscopically similar Rozites castanellus has a ring near the base of the stalk, rather than near the top.