The "ink-cap" mushrooms, characterised by the gills and cap collapsing into an black, inky mass as they mature. Flesh thin and delicate. Most species are small, the caps often more or less oval in shape, but the tall cylindric Coprinus comatus (shaggy mane) is up to 25 cm high. The small species are often found in large clumps, either on soil or dead wood. They can appear and be gone again within 24 hours. Stalk central with no ring, gills black. Spore print black.
Saprobes, on soil, manure, fallen wood, and dead stumps.
Several species were described from New Zealand by early mycologists, but these fungi are most commonly found in urban and cultivated rural areas, and most species are assumed to be introduced. About 20 species have been reported from New Zealand, although their taxonomy in New Zealand is poorly understood.


NZFungi Entry

Coprinus disseminatus

Unusual amongst Coprinus in that the caps do not deliquesce. Forming in large swarms on large pieces of rotten wood, flesh very delicate with striate margin.