Large, fleshy, long-stalked mushrooms always on soil. Cap covered with large, brown scales, white beneath the scales. Stem with well-developed ring, stem often swollen near the base. Gills white, free.
In New Zealand there is a single, introduced species, found in grassy areas, on wasteland or in wood chip mulches. Often refered to under the genus name Macrolepiota.
Recent molecular work has expanded the concept of Chlorophyllum, which now includes the edible, white-spored C. rachodes, as well as the poisonous, green-spored C. molybdites. Although C. molybdites has not been reported from New Zealand, it could occur here. The only sure way to distinguish it from C. rachodes is through spore colour, which can be seen only by making a spore print.


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Chlorophyllum rachodes