The genus is characterised by the pores often having reddish colours, and the base of the stipe with bright yellow mycelium. The cap is viscid. Spore print cinnamon to flesh-brown.
Two species in New Zealand, one indigenous and endemic under Nothofagus, the other exotic and typically under pines and introduced broadleafed trees.


NZFungi Entry

Chalciporus aurantiacus

This indigenous species is characterised by the golden yellow, apricot or reddish brown cap, and dull red pore surface.

Chalciporus piperatus

Usually found closely associated with Amanita muscaria (both under pines and in Nothofagus forests where A. muscaria has become naturalised). There is a possibility that it is an Amanita pathogen, rather than mycorrhizal. A sma