The slippery jacks. Large boletes, characterised by a slimy cap. The stalk is often dotted with small, dark glands, and there is sometimes a veil covering the pores when young, forming a ring aropund the stalk when mature. All species in New Zealand are associated with introduced trees. Mycorrhizal.
There are about six species in New Zealand, S. brevipes under several conifers, S. grevillei under larch, S. lakei under douglas fir, and S. granulatus, S. luteus, and S. subacerbus under pines.


NZFungi Entry

Suillus grevillei

Always found under larch.

Suillus subacerbus

Found under pines. Although described from New Zealand, this species probably originates from North America. S. subacerbus may be distinguished from other Suillus species occurring in New Zealand by the combination of colours in the pileus,